Why dont people learn that they can't do whatever they want?

On this site and many others and even in real life, everyone feels a need to throw the " i wanna do whatever i want, fk everyone else no one can tell me what to do " ... okay cool but its far from the truth.

try sleeping with lots of men, wearing skimpy outfits, getting a couple of tattooes or even swearing like a man, at first you may not notice but with time you'll see that less and less decent guys approach you , sure you're doing whatever you want , but also facing the consequences.

the same appleis for men, thugs, drug addicts, filthy asholes, lazy gamers who play video games and do nothing else... etc they're enjoying it for now but with time they'll realize no one wants to be with them.

i dont think people get the fact that you can do whatever you want but you will face some consequences, people will judge you, they will make life hard for you, if i get a penny for every question on here about why a girl is only seen as a hookup by guys i'll be a millionare.

my question is , do you really understand the concept of consequences, and what the people around you and their opinions are capable of?


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  • Unfortunately that's true and it sucks. You only get one life to live and if you aren't ruining your life or someone else's life, why shouldn't you be able to live freely and without being judged? Of course it will never happen though. People will always have to second guess themselves because being happy and dough what they want can lead them to be shunned by other people.


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  • I think it is somewhere in the middle, people should be as free as possible but also aware of some of the consequences attached.


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  • You're right

    I don't think some people thinks about the consequences before taking actions /making a choice


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