Sometimes I think highly of myself, is this bad?

Well my mother raised me from a very early age to never complain about issues, never show anyone (much less to a future boyfriend or husband) vulnerability, never show emotional weakness, be tough and stoic, etc. She would rather hear me saying I'm the best (even if I'm not) and having a "yeah whatever" attitude than complaining how I hate my myself, image, etc

Basically, most of those traits are more male oriented.

Though I once saw her get on her past bf's car, laughing and and driving off (after an argument they had) while he kept saying to let him in, that he has work.
He had to take a bus that day.


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  • Yes it's bad. Ladies like that become those bitter gals you see hanging out alone at the bar in their 40s.

    Those traits are really unattractive to be honest. What they demonstrate (to me and most men) is a lack of consideration for others.

    Men are emotionally attracted to vulnerable girls. Men are attracted to things they can "save". If you go around pretending everything is perfect... you will certainly excite men sexually but not emotionally. Guess what that means? You'll be passed off as a girl that's great in bed but not relationship material.

    This is actually why you see a lot of white men (including myself) dating Asian girls.

    • I added an update. From an early age, I would hear and see my mother treating a couple bfs poorly.
      She's now engaged to someone else. Dunno how she still manages to get guys. She would always tell me that I have to sometimes be a biotch.

    • Okay. I know this is the internet...


      What you described in your update is actually domestic abuse and could be contrived as a crime in many jurisdictions. She manages to get guys because a lot of men are desperate. What you'll notice about the men that she gets is that they have terrible self-esteem or perhaps are losers (not to blunt).

    • I'm sorry but you're not growing up in a healthy environment at all. And it sounds like your mom hates men. Please don't become like her.

  • I don't mind it in either gender but within reason.

  • Act feminine to get quality relationships. Acting masculine only ensures misery.


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