Easier to Set Up Your Own Business THAN Getting a decent Job?

I graduated with a very high grade in university. Except... i had difficulty gaining the experience i needed. Even for "entry level" positions (i think there should be something done about referring to them as such). I went through the strenuous process of graduate schemes where 1000 people compete for the final shortlisting of 3 candidates and got quite far.

But at the end of the day, gaining experience has to be one of the hardest parts... Instead, i took a different approach. I took a job that allowed me to gain some income without needing experience abroad like teaching English abroad. I returned and I have my own company. I earn all the profits and it is growing fast. I was actually looking for jobs to take on while growing the company but still don't even have my Resume advance to get to an interview.

Maybe I am the only one but I can't help but feel a strong sense of irony here, the route to getting the jobs you want are strained by your experience and that causing your to not have an opportunity. I remember having to explain in the few interviews I had "why do you have a gap in your unemployment?" and having to make up an answer other than. "I was looking for work". Getting out of the depression was the hardest thing for feeling unworthy

Can anyone relate?
if you have set up a company, what do you do andd what was your experience before

  • I couldn't find or do either, i am looking for work
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  • I set up my own company but couldn't find work
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  • I couldn't set up my own company but i could find work
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  • I am a graduate looking for work
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  • i'm a non graduate looking for work
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  • i'm a nont graduate that set up my own company
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  • My boyfriend was kinda like that. He couldn't find work, so he started a business and does really well :)


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  • My main thing about setting up your own business is the extra risk - Like the job becomes 24/7

  • i'm a nont graduate that set up my own company

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