Had a little drink of champagne for the first time. Have a bad head ache and it was a mistake. What do I do to make it go away?

It started out at my cousin's wedding. The drink was tempting and it was just siting on each table. Everyone had a glass on their table and water whether they asked for it or not. I was tempted to try a little bit. I was thinking " hey maybe it's sparkling water?" I asked my grandad and he said it's water? ( grandparents don't speak english) My grandma thought it was soda. I tried it and tasted like sweet grape or medicine. I drank more than I should at once. I slowed down. Couple mins later I ended up having mild headache. Thank god I wasn't drunk and didn't bother to drink one glass. Just a little bit to nearly almost half. That was a mistake. When my mom picked me up I couldn't stop laughing and saying random things and my mom laughed with me. I was still aware of what was going on just couldn't control my laughter. I was smart enough to not drink all or more than 1 glass. There was little kids at the wedding, it's just a bad idea to have glasses of wine on each side of the table. I just hope I don't become alcholicism later in my life.


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  • Hydrate. Drink more water to help get over it quicker. Unless you have prescription drugs for a migraine.


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  • Don't Fear Here, Dear... it is just Champagne.
    If you are Not this Drinker to Start from your own Heart, then with a Fizzy, Fuzzy, "Mistake" you did Partake, knowing it was a Wedding where Everyone under the Sun was having Fun, it May even be Worth The... Headache. And the Memories.
    I too once had a Bit too much of the Fizz and Woke up the Next day with "Hey.. Please, don't talk too loud," but I Stayed to Myself and Let it Subside, I might have Even taken an Aspirin like Pill for the Ride.
    This little Episode may Help you Now to Not want to even try Anything that is Next to your Side.
    Good luck and Hope you feel Quietly better. xx

    • Yeah, kinda wanted to know what was like. Now i know, not too good of a feeling. Thanks! :)

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    • lol Oh, yes, and as Master, I know Plenty. xxoo

    • Thank you for the Vote of Confidence. xx

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  • You shouldn't even feel half a glass of champagne, doubt that is what caused your headache.
    A taste of champagne will not turn you into an alcoholic haha

    • But to answer the rest of your question, drink water and take some headache meds

    • Or probably the loud music not sure which ha.

    • But thank you!

  • Smoke a joint for instant relief, coffee will help quickly or if you can wait a half hour take ibuprofen


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