So Maybe I'm Obsessed With?

Hey guys, so I wanna know what you are obsessed with. Everyone loves something and sometimes we aren't proud of admitting it or get a whole lot of rubbish about it. So Maybe I'm Obsessed With?
If you can't tell, my obsession is Disney. Movies, songs, you name it. Disney... and Wattpad.


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  • The Tragically Hip and my bike

  • I'm obsessed with mirin sloots with a fat ass

  • I'm obsessed with you. Standing outside your window watching you right now.

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    • I must not be seen by anyone. This mission is very secret. Nobody can get suspicious. Hence I am forced to observe you where I am not seen until I'm certain you are the one.

    • Ok. Well, when you figure that out let me know. I can make your 'searching'easier by just giving you my entire schedule or something.

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