Does anybody else just feel so alone all the time?

I'm a Junior in college, I live in a big city (I have all my life), yet I still have practically no friends to go to when I need something or to just chill. I do everything by myself, including my hobbies. Needless to say, I am busy with classes and work which is really helping take my mind off things, but when I'm doing nothing, I constantly realize wherever I go, I'm almost always alone. Sure, I have to meet my clients once in awhile, but that's work-related.

I am trying my best not to make this a sob-story, it's just really how I feel. I hop off my bike in the middle of a park and look around to see so many people together, yet here I am with me myself and I almost 24/7. To be honest, I've adapted to being alone, it's just the thought of not having anybody gets to me.

Does anybody feel this way, or at least has felt this way in the past?


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  • Aren't ya going to bars/parties, a few drinks could bring out the extrovert in ya.


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  • I'm feeling the same although a different story. I too grew up in a city. The Bay Area to be exact. I had Many friends, I had my crew of followers it was awesome experience, met many people of ethnicities, cultures etc it was bliss. I met my wife dated for a while we got married, I moved to Southern California as soon as I got there I lost all my friends, struggled to find a job, struggled financial to make story short my spouse and I stopped communicating and she filed for divorce. I now find myself in a mid size city that I don't even like, with no friends or social interaction, except for work related business. I'm utterly alone here, I used to fit in. I can't even go home now too many burnt bridges due to my marriage many people didn't agree with. I see people having fun at the parks when I go for a walk, i see many happy families etc. It's just making me more depressed.