Has any else noticed how melancholy our world is? how short our goals and things we do to get small satisfaction?

I was listening to a old song by gorillaz called feel good inc and i looked up the meaning and then thought about our lives and the way we conform because no one is truly free no matter what country tells you, leader or friend. I'd like to hear you guy's thoughts after u read this
this is the music video it's worth seeing


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  • That's one of my old time favorite songs actually. I do believe that you are in control of how you see the world around you. What really does freedom mean? Does it mean you can run around naked on the streets without getting judged by the public or hunted by cops.

    • i wouldn't know my definition of freedom until I've had a taste. this really opened up my eyes and now I don't know what's real from momental artificial things ya know? whats ur definition of freedom

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    • You're the only one that can make that change. The world doesn't need to change. You need to change the way of how you see it.

    • I probably should especially since I still have things I yet to experience in life

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  • Very good Gorillaz song indeed kinda makes me think about frivolous pursuits, all I wanna hear is the message beep makes me think about people just waiting for the next notification on their phone, Very brave new world reminiscent feeling. Interesting that Noodle is the one not in the town where there is only instant gratification e. g. feel good inc and no actual meaning to anything that's about as far as I can go never too good at interpretation.

    • I fee like her nof being in the town resembles her innocent especially before she died and turned robotic and was ready to kill like in stylo and melancholy hill which are 2 more of my favorite songs

    • good idea, 2 more great songs every planet we reach is dead is my favourite gorillaz song though I think you can find a lot of meaning in that song.

    • I too agree. this is music the world really needs to understand. because now everything and everyone on the radio is trash talking about money sex and murder all things that made feel good inc tower the sadness it is amd now people in my generation are reapeting these things and staying in the tower of melancholy

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  • I honestly think a lot of the time the world is what you make it. We can complain endlessly, drown in neverending melancholy and drag ourselves through every day aimlessly and listlessly. Or we can try to do something about it, really there's no point in complaining about how you're not free... Enjoy the things that are free, and think about what you'd do if you were free, could you really only do all those things if you were completely free? Probably not. Concerning your own goals and the 'small' satisfaction? There is an infinite amount of things that you can do! That you want to do! So what if the satisfaction is short, there are many other goals you can complete to make the world a better place, and if you can't make yourself happy... At least consider making others happy :)


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