Do you agree with these statements?

Women who want to act like men should be treated as men.
Men who want to act like women should be treated as women.
Kids who want to act like adults should be treated as adults.
Fish who wants to act like a dog should be treated as a dog.


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  • A man is a man, a woman is a woman. There are women who are tougher than men, while some men are more sensitive than some women. So I don't believe in the 'women acting like men kind of thing'

    I saw once a video of a woman taunting and challenging a bus driver, and the bus driver said "If you're gonna act like a man, I'll treat you like a man". And so he punched her and threw her out the bus.
    I honestly don't believe she was acting like a man. It was just because she was plain rude and disrespectful and pushed the guy
    Kids who want to act like adults... I can agree to it, if they're like criminals. Murder is murder, you know


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  • "Fish who wants to act like a dog should be treated as a dog"


  • Oh, Jesus Christ...

    This is The Golden Rule of human interaction:

    "Treat others as you would want to be treated."

    That is all you need to know.

  • Yeah, actually! Although I find that last one a little strange. XD
    And also since what "acting like/treating as men/women" is so loosely defined, those are a little tricky, too. But yeah, I agree completely.

  • I do for a number of reasons

  • I guess with most of it


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