Should I make my new place to be a ONE ROOM apartment or TWO ROOMS apartment? 😊😄 I'm really excieted for that... ?

I live in NYC, but I visit my grandparents in Serbia, Europe very often. I used to live there with them up until this year. Whenever I go back, I have my old room still, and everything... But I cannot bring guys to the house and have my grandparents hear us moan...

Recently they have built a level above their garage wich will be turned into an apartment for me, any time I come there, so that I can have privacy... The thing is, the place is really tiny. It is 20 feet long (6m) and 13,5 feet (4m) wide. This does not include the bathroom, wich takes an additional 7 feet (2m) in the width.

So, right now, it is one room. My question is, should we put a wall in between and separate the space into 2 rooms? If we make it two rooms, we will have one that has the garden and trees view (secluded), and one that has a balcony and a street view. (Probably, not good for humping ;) ), but the rooms would be incredibly small, and I have claustrophobia. If we make it one big room, you can be able to sit and enjoy both the garden and the street view from one room and it will feel more free and unconventional.

Also, if you think having 2 rooms is a better idea, wich one do you think should be the living room and wich one should be the bedroom? The stairs lead up to a small hall wich opens the door to ROOM number 1. It has a huge window that gives you the view to the garden and my grandparents house, you can also touch big trees growing there. It is secluded, so it can be the bedroom, but it's weird cause you would first walk into the bedroom in order to go to the living room. Another bad thing: you would have to go threw the living room to go to the bathroom... ROOM number 2 has a huge window and a door to the balcony. It is also connected to the bathroom. If that room is the bedroom, it will be practicle cause of the bathroom connection, plus, people wouldn't have to go threw it to go to the living room.

  • It should all be just ONE BIG ROOM
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  • It should be 2 rooms, and ROOM number 1 should be the bedroom
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  • It should be 2 room, and ROOM number 2 should be the bedroom
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A bad thing about ROOM number 2 being the bedroom would be that people from the street can hear us having sex and there are always some kids playing in the street right in front of it. Plus, my frenemy can see us, she lives right across the street, but it's kind of a turn on, really... I'm an exhibitionist. 😉


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  • It should be 2 room, and ROOM number 2 should be the bedroom


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