Someone from central/south america?

Lately I'm very interested in Central and South America and I would LOVE to talk to someone from there and learn about their culture/ country language.. I know I probably won't find someone on here! but Im just trying x


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  • that would be me. I have lived nearly 14 years in the states now. I have not come back to my country since I left. Are you thinking of traveling there? are you originally from there?

    • I traveled there like 1 month ago and I would love to know more of it and make some friends from there why not :) no, Im not from there but I wish I was hah.
      Where are you from?

    • the capital Colombia. where did you go? there are things I like about my country , but I practically severed most ties to there. what did you like about where you were?

    • Okay so can you follow me and ill message you? :)

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  • hey there šŸ˜Š where did you travel to? and do you speak Spanish at all? I'm from argentina by the way