Would someone who is jealous of you keep trying to put you down or make jokes at your expense?

My aunt is really weird. She's not blood-related to me.

She'll constantly make jokes on me, like saying how I shouldn't come to India for 'x' event because of crowds of people, or she'll say on an auspicious occasion how other people weren't letting me go through (at the gate). I thought it was annoying.

If I'll make a simple comment like I don't have rice, she'll repeat it in a rude way, "Oh you don't like rice." I don't know why she's like this.

Or the worst: she'll purposely praise my sister saying my grandmother's height is like hers, when I'm sitting right beside my sister. I am seriously sick and tired of her

Why would they


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  • Well, I think it's time you kick nice personality and start creating a personality that builds on rudeness and arrogance. Be blunt and maybe use some dry humor.

    See, she's making you feel like crap. Now it's time to turn the tables on her. You have to respond to her in a way makes her become aggravated by your statements or responses. It's ok to be rude

    • Yes, but is she doing it on purpose? And why is she doing it, is she jealous of me or something?

      She is well-aware that I am hurt by her actions and in fact almost enjoys it. The last time years ago I was crying over something and she was laughing. The next time in front of everyone she was saying something 'crocodile tears,' definitely aimed at me.

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    • From what I've observed of the two of them, both of them think that they are soo great and important in other people's lives.

      Like it was my grandfather's funeral and this same stupid woman was telling my mom, 'You know I know my husband really well and he won't sound so serious if something wasn't wrong, so I just grabbed my slippers and walked out to the airport because I know when he's serious etc.'

      I was like.. is she trying to 'show people' how close they are at another person's funeral seriously?

      I've often observed this in them many a time. Like they took us to a flat which I thought was pretty lame but she was so excited putting all the lights on and her husband told us the next time there were 123 lights in the house etc. and I was like... they're kidding right?

      I'm half tempted to send them an email that would diss them. I'm good with words.

      It's just his wife will forward it to everyone.

      She's a bad person right, I'm not crazy? lol

    • She only behaves like this to me. And everyone else thinks she's nice.

      I heard another one of my uncles (her husband's brother), yell the fuck out of her saying WHO IS SHE? What does she think of herself etc.

      I was like... maybe other peopel do realize it, they're just more subtle about it and she must have done something ot make them crack and hence the shouting

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  • Yeah they would