How to study for spanish?

So, i'm in Spanish 3 honors and i have a 68 and teachers expect a lot for me. How do I really study a foreign language?


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  • Get a Spanish speaking friend, and only speak Spanish with him/her.


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  • I take french and I use quizlet for the vocab and I just find it helpful to write out conjugations and stuff because that helps me.

    • How do you practice on speaking?

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    • Lmao that's what I got when I tried dropping calc

    • And they said they would have a meeting with my mom and they will decide whether if i should drop or stay.. So i didn't think it's worth trying..

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  • When I was studying English I spoke all the time and tried to stay in contact with the language as much as possible. I still do it not to lose practice. So, I recommend you to do the same.

    Just Spanish will be a little more difficult for an English native speaker to learn than for a Spanish speaking person to learn English, but it could be worse... it could be Portuguese, my language is more difficult xD

    • How do you practice?

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    • When will the result start to show if you know?

    • There isn't a right answer for this, it will gradually start showing as you get used to the language and start understanding the way it works. It may differ from person to person, we all have different learning paces.

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  • I used to write down terms and translation and then just memorize.
    Our teacher used to make us act out certain words or phrases and that helped too.
    Memorizing helped me a lot.
    I had C in Spanish and I was able to move it up to a B