Why is the G@G website full of virus ads?

Every time I come on G@G I keep getting redirected to sites telling me my phone (which isn't even the correct phone I have) is virused and not to leave that page without clicking on something. I never click on it, I just close the browser but it happens again when I go back to G@G.
Has anyone else experienced this problem?

I messaged G@G about it yesterday but they never responded.

By the way I have never used my phone to look at adult material or anything so there is no reason other than something to do with G@G itself for this to happen.

So I finally heard back from g@g and this is their response:

"GirlsAskGuys does not cause any viruses. It is more than likely an issue with your device or the browser you are using. You may try using a different browser and see if it works better."

More than likely a problem with my device? Yeah my device which never had this issue until I went on G@G.
No G@G. Just no.
Viruses do not come from devices, they come from dodgy websites who accept money from dodgy advertising companies.


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  • OMG! I'm having the same issue, it's SO annoying. 😑

    • IKR they shouldn't allow certain advertisers to use their space. I think they need to review this. I'm still waiting for their response too.

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  • Yeah it's g@gs ads when you're not at least 7xper but you could use an ad blocker

  • just use an adblockerj

    • Can you recommend a good one for a phone?

    • oh, you're on your phone. dude, just download the app, girlsaskguys. you can't message people or ask questions on it yet, but you can at least answer peoples questions

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