Why do people think NEW Mexico is a part of Mexico?

I hear it from people in the east coast ALL the time. I mean is it really that difficult to look at a map?
My friend applied to a school in Boston there once and they asked her for her green card -_-. and also this article: https://m.santafenewmexican.com/life/features/albuquerque-to-pennsylvania-an-international-flight-delta-says/article_52c47292-d50d-52b4-a9a6-5c75495ed2c8.html?mode=jqm


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  • People see the word Mexico and naturally think Mexico. Easy mistake to make I suppose?

    Some people are just ignorant and plain lazy. What would seem logical to us like looking on a map isn't the same to others!

    • I know, i figured the name Mexico threw people off but I hope those same people dont think New England is a part if England or anything lol

    • lol because that wouldn't make sense right!

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  • You might hear it all the time. I've never once heard it that I can think of. I'd be very surprised if as many as one out of a thousand people didn't know the difference.

    • you're right, i'm sure its not brought up very often, but then again people should know it is a part of the 50 states. i mean, thats just general information :)

  • I never fell into that trap - Always knew it was part of the States - Maybe it is the name

    • Spread the word! jk, i did figure it was the name that threw people off

  • People are dumb that's just true in life


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