Ever had any future card game plans? How bout making a flashy new card game?

I'm making a card game where you can make your own cards and there are no limitations to them.
But I'm still a novice boi..
Oh and here's a link to mines if you're interested.

  • I made a card game
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  • I never did, but I might make one soon
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  • I like card games but don't think I want to make one
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  • I like pie and cheese but no cheese on pie sorry... Nope, don't like pie games.
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i97.servimg.com/u/f97/19/51/71/68/gyro_212.png i97.servimg.com/u/f97/19/11/83/14/geilo_12.png i97.servimg.com/u/f97/19/51/71/68/beta_s15.png I might just make some custom ones if you suggest any i97.servimg.com/u/f97/19/51/71/68/beta_f11.png
Since my game's on beta, you'll get like about 9 cards for free and a bonus girls ask guys card [img]http://i97. servimg. com/u/f97/19/51/71/68/girl_a10. png[/img][img]http://i97. servimg. com/u/f97/19/51/71/68/guy_ca10. png[/img]


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