Is this person being rude by not replying to my follow-up emails?

I put in an application for an internship. I worked a lot on it, it's a small-sized firm although I guess prestigious in its own right.

I worked really hard on it, and I think anyone who read it would be able to tell. However my marks there was a bit of a dip in the middle, then it went back to being okay.

I waited to hear back, since end of August, nothing. Yesterday I sent a brief follow-up email, again nothing.

I'm totally okay and understanding of a rejection for the position, but it would have been great to hear back about whether they are considering candidates still or the process is over
I feel a little silly. I might have come across as desperate in the email I mean not really but I guess I showed enthusiasm and that can be construed as no one else is hiring me


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  • No, it's not rude, it's corporate business. They are too busy to respond directly to ever candidate who contacts them.
    Move on and look for other opportunities and if they are interested they will contact you

    • Sure, but I don't really think that there are too many applicants. Plus think about the length of time, August versus almost mid-September.

      How hard is it to send a quick one line email saying sorry at this point in time we are not considering candidats.

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    • You said you're in a stock firm? Do you do financial modelling etc. If I can ask that

    • I do modeling yes , my speciality is forecasting though

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  • I know how you feel. You stand back anticipating and patiently waiting for something that would mean a lot to you, and you get nothing back.

    The following reasons you might not have gotten anything back is becuase one, they're human; they might have misplaced your application, probably gotten mixed up in other applicant piles, or set it aside for later to respond, but just never got to do it. They have other responsibilities as well.

    Another reason could be is that they simply just don't respond to those who don't meet their criteria, which isn't personal, but what you can do is call back and ask what were the criteria that you didn't have that they were looking for, which could help you advance later.

    Another reason is that YES, they could have way more applicants than you think, unless they specifically only targeted your college for intern applicants. There was one time I was having an interview for this one position I thought nobody was interested in. She said she had over 300 applications to look at! So, don't underestimate that, especially if you are not the only college in town.


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  • They only respond if they choose you

    • Hmm.

      That's fair. However since the application was via email sometimes it is confusing if they got it etc. How hard is it to respond in one line saying at this point in time we're not considering candidates.

    • Yea i do understand. But they just dont do that lol

      Its like saying if you have 100's of messages from guys on a dating site you'll go one by one to say sorry to each but one or just ignore everyone except the one you wanna talk too

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  • A little maybe