Job interview questions you got and your answers?

So, I have a job interview tomorrow (only just got the call now! ha). And in my research, I thought I'd ask here what's some common (or, some of the uncommon) questions you got asked and how'd you answer?

I know, what animal would you be, is quite a common one. And, what are your weaknesses.

This is for a full time customer service related position.
Ok, I am asking what are some questioned YOU have gotten and how YOU answered them. Especially the uncommon ones.
I am not unprepared, nervous or lacking in research skills. Quite the opposite, but doesn't change the fat some places ask really out there funny questions etc.


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  • There are tens, maybe hundreds of great articles online with tons of info on that. Use the resources. The best thing to remember when telling about yourself is to explain how you can be beneficial to the company or workplace. Like, why do you think that you are great for this position? What makes you special for this?

  • What do you know about our company? That's huge.
    Almost all companies ask that and nearly all applicants flunk it because they don't take twenty minutes to go online and study the company website.
    Research what the company does, some of their history, what their stock is trading at if their are public, etc. Little shit like that goes a long long way

    • Oh yeah, I've done that, aha I've currently got a bunch of tabs open with the products they sell and their about me etc.

      Interviews don't really bother me, I as just interested in what others had gotten and answered lol

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  • It depends on which field you are applying for.

    • What's something you've been asked that kind of took you off guard? Or just a funny question.

    • I can't think of any I've been in my industry for a very long time and I know what I do well.

      But I have technical questions I always ask people I interview to understand their grasp on our portion of the market.

      Focus more on how you would answer a question you don't know the answer to. Don't get flustered, don't make something up or say you don't know. Think about it, rephrase it and maybe say 'I haven't thought about it from that perspective'. Can I take a note on that and get back to you?

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