Does stuff like THIS teach any lesson to radical feminists?

So, I take it you remember the "Hugh Mungus" incident. If not, you can go search it on YouTube.

Well, a YouTube channel, h3h3Productions, had a very nice interview with the actual victim of this incident. You can watch the interview here, which may surprise you A LOT:

What do you think is the lesson here? I'd love to hear social warriors perspective on this lol but anyone's welcome to give their two cents.


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  • "Do you know what's ironic?

    This man is more of a true feminist than the SJW was, because at the end of the video, all he asks for is donations to recovering women's institutions. That right there is worthy of respect"

    nuff said

    • He literally goes out encouraging people to visit a website that assists women with drug issues, after being targeted by a feminist.

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  • Okay, first of all I would like to point out that this term "social justice warrior" is about the dumbest word ever invented. I mean, are you saying social justice is a bad thing? Would you rather live in an unjust society?

    Now that we've cleared this up, I don't see how this incident is in any way related to feminism or feminists. First of all, this is a random woman walking around filming people with her cell phone. That already tells you that she's got some mental issues. Why did the guy even talk to her? I would never engage in a conversation with a person pointing a phone camera at me. The most I'd say is "as long as you film me, I won't speak to you".
    Next, his joke was dumb but harmless. The woman's reaction has NOTHING to do with feminism. In fact, if you actually cared to read a book by a real feminist, you'd know that feminists are very relaxed about sexuality. They even fought for sexual liberation.
    Screaming "sexual harassment!" every ten minutes is a purely American problem and has nothing to do with feminism (the latter of which exists all around the world). Getting constantly offended by some ridiculous bullshit has to do with American prudishness (due to the religious culture) and political correctness. Just think about American TV: it's okay to show the most violent, goriest crap and nobody gives a fuck but show one pixel of what could be a women's boobs and people completely freak out. That's not feminism, that's one rather ridiculous quirk of American mentality. The same goes for all these people in the US who are too uptight to talk about sex in public, so they start to whisper or look at you in an offended way if you don't lower your voice. All of this has nothing to do with feminism, it has to do with American prudishness. That's also true for this incident. Clearly, this woman had some mental issues and a giant stick up her ass. No European feminist, regardless of how hardcore she is, would get offended by somebody saying "I have a giant dick". They would just be like "uhm okay, why are you telling me this?" The reason this woman got offended is not because she's a feminist, it's because she's got an extremely unhealthy, uptight, prudish attitude towards sex.

    • "it has to do with American prudishness. "

      First off, I'm saying RADICAL feminists, I'm not including every feminist here because I do not intend to argue about feminism in general or what I think of it. There have been other moments for that.

      As to imply these incidents have nothing to do with feminism, and that "Getting constantly offended by some ridiculous bullshit has to do with American prudishness" while partially true, it has come to an extreme thanks to feminism. With a whole bunch of double standards. Watch this video to get my point here:

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    • Nope. I'm not a conservative, even though I grew up with traditional ideas. I don't even live in the States buddy.

    • Alright, well I'm just saying. The whole thing about feeling offended about everything happens on both sides of the political spectrum and it happens about all kinds of issues. The only reason we hear especially much about feminists is because conservatives in the US are much better at throwing dirt than progressives. Just look at Trump's campaign. Actual debating isn't even relevant for these people, it's just one big dirt throwing party.

  • Oh look! Another G@G question on feminism! How can this possibly be a different one from the 1,475,826 previous questions bitching about feminism?

    • "Oh look! Another G@G question on feminism!"

      Funnily enough, this is about an incident. It actually happened, among many other incidents that are part of a bigger problem. Take your condescension somewhere else if you don't have anything smart/constructive to say.

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    • @Newaza I can tell now by just looking at his profile pic lol

      @OpinionOwner This is hysterical... So this just a "human error", that's your justification of these acts? OMG
      Now you proceed calling me a bigot because you have no actual argument. Explain all of these "single incidents" then:

      Yeah, because radical feminists totally do not do these things... give me a break gag haha

    • no i'm not calling you a bigot... as long as you realize that this feminist is not representative of all feminists.

  • The woman who freaked out at him needs to have that stick taken out of her ass.

  • if we lower the amount of welfare available, these people will have to get jobs and not have time for this

  • I remember seeing the video of the girl screaming at him, she was way over the top

  • They will never learn.


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