How do I make sure my immediate and extended family respect my decision that I hardly want to visit and contact them once I live on my own?

I am going to move out eventually, right now I just can't because of economic problems. After I graduate from college this semester I would get my career job that would pay way better than my current job. Anyways, when I get my own place, I would hardly contact my parents, or sister by phone or online and I will hardly visit them. They have always been assholes to me and I will hardly contact and visit my extended family members too ( they are all assholes as well). Also, I will not let them visit my place, unless I tell them too. I will make sure I let them know that. If they don't respect the wishes, would it be messed up if I issue a restraining order?


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  • In some way , I can relate to you. I have a F'd up family too with disturbing family secrets and I want to move far away from the lot. However, as much as you try , you can get away from family. Believe me. You may travel to a next state or country all together but something always draws you back there. Its familiar but at the same time destructive. Your best bet is when they die. That sounds harsh (:( :( ) sorry but yea. With regards to them respecting your decision, I dont think they would but you can still do whats best for you.

    • Sorry about you having family problems and sorry about the disturbing things one or more than one family member of yours have done. Do you mean cause people are used to their family that it would be hard for most of them to contact them very little and visit them very little? Is that what you are trying to say? And the thing is I hate how many people call people (assholes) that want to hardly contact or visit family members when it comes to things like verbal, emotional abuse, getting ignored. They think those type of things are not enough to stop having a lot of contact and stop visiting a lot your family members. They don't understand how this type of stuff is really bad too. It is a good reason to back away from your family members a lot.

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    • You are not a good person.

    • Okay, do what makes you happy and comfortable. Ignore them if you have to. Sorry for late responses. I have home work...

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  • I have a feeling that a restraining order are only issued if there is a threat of being abused - I don't think just being an asshole counts