Will I be in debt in Amazon?

Please help, because Amazon didn't give me a clear answer... I ordered a certain item from three different sellers, but even if the message "your order has been placed", my Gift Card Balance remains the same. I asked the Amazon staff to keep the item, only from one among the sellers, and they said that they will take it off from my Gift Card Balance, once my order is dispatched. But it's Wednesday (where I live), and still my order hasn't been dispatched!

It was last week when I made the order. Normally they send it on Monday. But anyway... what if something happens, and I have to pay for this item thrice? My Gift Card Balance isn't enough, so I will be in debt...



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  • You need to Contact Amazon and get to the Bottom of this. If it has been since last week, there is Something not right here, dear.
    I put My own Order in for a Few things that I Wanted in Taking some of my Points that I have Accumulated Over 2 years on Gag, and that Same day, I found out by Email when it Was being Shipped out and when it is Supposed to Arrive, which is in 2 days now.
    Good luck. xx

    Good luck.

    • Where did you learn how to capitalize in sentences?

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    • Emphasize what? What you've written is unreadable in its current form.

    • Thank you for the Vote of Confidence, hun. Along with Ordering many nice things, for I have Unlimited MHO points every day, I will also put in Orders for Newbies' New Personalities.
      Happy to help, hun. lolxxoo

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  • Amazon is pretty damn good about clearing dependencies like this up if they come up. Also, if you're buying it from another seller then it likley shipped and hasn't been updated.

    • *discrepancies

    • What if it's going to be shipped thrice? That's what I'm afraid about. My Gift Card Balance isn't enough for it. I can only afford it for once.

    • There usually an option to cancel the order. under the "Orders" tab. Is that available to you?

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  • Have you got card details saved on your account?

    Amazon is usually pretty good, and some sellers can take their time to get their stuff going. You just need to be patient and see what happens. You can't be in debt with a gift card, if there's insufficient funds then the purchase will bounce and they'll notify you. Alternatively, they;ll take money from your bank if you have bank details saved.

    It can be easily sorted out though, just keep an eye on your bank balance, your emails and your account. It might also be worth purchasing Amazon Prime for future if you haven't already :D


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  • If you haven't enough in gift card balance they won't sent it unless you have a back up method of credit payment on record

  • Don't worry, you can always return them. Why did you order it three times?

  • You get charged once the item has been mailed out.