I'm pranking my sister. What should I do?

So basically I'm pranking my bratty snobby sister. I put a letter in the mailbox "from her crush" saying "his" email. And I've emailed her back and forth. I even made a new number and sent it to her via email, So I could text her because she takes too long to respond to email.

I need more ideas on what to do. I've already made her believe they are now a couple. She is so gullible!

What else should I do? (Btw she's 8 so don't take it too too far. But she totally deserves this for how she's been acting recently. She has apparently gained a ton of sass and she thinks she's better then everyone. It's like a mix of a 2-year old and a 16-year-old rich-snob-who-thinks she-knows-everything.. THAT bad!).

All ideas welcome, Thanks!


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  • I have too many ideas, and I can't tell you!! SHE IS YOUR SISTER!!! Not some horrible slut at school!!


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  • I can't believe what you have done. That is so immature and nasty, it's almost too much to believe. If she is acting up at the age of 8, then let her mother deal with it. Don't go so far as to make up email address, telephone numbers, send letters just to let her down. She is 8. You are a bad person.

    • I second this. Just because you're sister is 8 and is going through a sassy phase doesn't mean you have to be the parent. Let your parents do that.

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    • This isn't how you punish a child. Don't reproduce. If your mom is being neglectful call CPS.

    • First of all. I'm not punishing her. It's a prank.

      Second of all. Don't tell me not to reproduce. I wasn't going to anyways, but I don't need you to tell me not to.

      Third of all. If you knew me and my family in real life, you would know how rude and disrespectful she (sister) is to me for no reason.

      I'm done talking here, I don't want this to end up being a 50+ reply war I have seen here on GaG

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  • I think the crush think is a bit harsh - She is a kid, she'll grow out of her sassy stage

  • Ah prank.. so highschool. Good plan though

  • Ok that's cyber bullying why didn't you just do a classic live clear rap on the toilet seat or lossen the top on the salt shaker or chocolate laxitive

    • Also you committed 2 felonies and could spend the next 10 years in jail

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    • You made a email under a fake name that's fraud and and using the Internet to defraud a person

    • If making an email under a fake name was illegal, shouldn't a crap ton of people be in trouble?

      Also I wouldn't really say I'm defrauding. I believe the definition is to illegally obtain something from someone. I didn't take anything.

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