Should I be careful around my mother? Is she trying to cut me off from her family?

My uncle (mother's brother), said something highly inappropriate to me. It wasn't sexual, but it was extremely inappropriate.

It really affected me. She did make him come apologize however I am aware that the apology was not sincere. She still lives in India (will be there for 15 more days).

My uncle has mentioned out lout (not to me) that I am nothing to him relationship-wise. Recently I told my mother about how much his inappropriate comment affected me over text. She didn't respond, she just said, she was making food 'for her mum.'

She used to call my grandmother, grannie in front of me, now it's 'her mum.'

Is she taking his side? Why is she creating a partition I don't get it
What I don't understand is, why is my mother involving my grandmother in all this?


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  • You should be careful around your mother.
    Golly, I don't even tell my mother things. I am very careful.
    Parents won't always understand you. You just have to figure out something's on your own. 😊

    • Was she trying to imply that it is HER family by saying 'my mum' instead of grannie?

      The thing is with my mother, is I never used to tell her anything. Then something happened in my life and I started to confide in her. She USED to treat me like I'm barely even her daughter. Once I told her i'd cut off ties with her she said yeah okay that's fine, just don't make a scene. She was more interseted in what others would think.

      I don't think she wanted me in the first place but over time now she's gotten a lot better. However she's still the same person.

      My uncle was out of line. He behaved like this because he knew my mother wouldn't do much to him and that bothers me. I cannot believe my mother can actually blame ME by acting as though it's her family.

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    • Why though? I have been nothing but respectful to her mother, (who I call nani ma), it's her brother (who was wrong in the first place) that I have a problem with.

      Plus, what I don't exactly understand is that I am at the other end of the world, so why bother insulting me by saying she's her mother it's so stupid of her to do that.

      Oh yeah I am aware she is two-faced. The thing is why should I respect her when she seems to care more for my grandmother than her own daughter

    • Funny my grandmother lives on the other side of the world, too. 😅
      I don't know, honestly. I think every parent would do that to there child, because it is there parent. My mother does that for her sister sometimes, because it is her sister. Which bugs me, but I think it is best to just ignore. Just don't say anything to her, and remain respectful. I mean there is really nothing you can do about it. You have talked to her, and tried to explain. She is just choosing not to listen. :/

  • I would seriously be careful around her.

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