Does my University want nothing to do with me? I'm confused?

I finished my degree in June 2016. I went to business school. I couldn't do well on multiple choice exams after my 2-year break and barely passed some of my courses, although I did do better in 4th year. I didn't take advantage of any employment benefits.

Now as I am done school, I have time. I want to take some courses part-time. It's important because I know I learned NOTHING in some of my courses (not because the course was bad, but because I didn't have the capacity to study for it).

I contacted this lady who doesn't like me and is in charge, it's been 3 days no email from her. She was rude to me over the phone too implying I needed to pay tuition for those courses (I didn't once mention anything about them being free).

They are letting me take classes, but not business ones even though I'm a former business student.

So I'm not sure what's going on. Either it's just something they don't do, or they don't give a shit. I just can't understand why she cannot reply to my email
I have to be careful as they don't owe me anything.. anymore


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  • Talk to admissions. Not her.

    • She is a part of admissions. Plus that whole department doesn't really like me as before going there was a petition problem.

      I think it's odd that it's been 3 days and no reply via email when usually they get back on the same day. The thing is, I'm getting a strong sense from her that they think they are doing ME a favour by letting me back in since it is a competitive business school and I don't think they ordinarily do that. They are letting me take classes, just not the business ones.

      It's a delicate situation because I left school with respect despite my bad grades but am sensitive towards it. I don't want them treating me badly.

      I genuinely want to take some courses as I am better now and truly believe I am capable of doing well if I take it part-time and really study.

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  • Are we talking a non-profit or for-profit university? It can honestly make a huge difference in how they treat you.

    • for-profit University.

      The thing is, I am paying tuition for those courses. They are getting money for that.

      I can understand that they might want to give priority to current students so I was waiting a day or so. It's been 2 days now and absolutely no reply. They usually get back ont he same day.

      So of course I'm being treated disrespectfully, but I don't understand why lol.

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    • I would seriously consider taking it at home, especially if you aren't a full time student. It's easier, can be cheaper, and is much more flexible.

    • The thing is it's a second-year class so it's not the same, however I do agree that between a 4th year class which is hard to get into and a second year class which I'm already registered in, maybe I should just take the one which is less of a hassle