Why don't people do school part-time? I don't get it?

I was under so much stress at school. It sucked.

If I knew, even suspected, that I could take courses part-time during my degree, I would definitely have done that.

At the end of it, if you graduate in 4 years versus 5 is it really a big difference? You've taken the exact same courses just paced it better.


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  • If you are working full time you can only go part time anyway. If you don't have work or any other major responsibilities then take 2 or 3 classes at most per semester, and try and figure out which ones have the most workload and is the most difficult. It's good to have a combination of 2 classes that have a balanced workload. If one has lots of tests, homework, presentations and even research papers you have to do, you can either take just that one class to completely laser focus on it for the semester or take only 1 other class, ideally one with much fewer tests, and fewer homework assignments, and absolutely no research papers, group projects or presentations that you have to prepare for and complete. Just ask around and see which courses have what specific requirements and try to figure out, if you can handle all of that workload in a single semester, and if you're working chances are any more 2 classes will be difficult unless you only work for a few hours for a few days per week or something.

    • The thing is tonnes of students graduate annually with C averages. I wasn't one of them thankfully, but I do remember being under SO much stress at school.

      Now that I'm done I remember nothing of most of what I studied. Which makes me wonder, why didn't I take one class less per term and just enjoy school rather than hate it?

      Every step of the way it's the results that are counted, not the actual number of classes. If someone takes 6 classes per term and gets Cs in all of them, wouldn't it be better for them to take 4 per term and get As in all those classes.

      Seriously. It's bizzarre how the education system is set-up to almost make you believe that THIS is what you have to do but it's not at all true. Do what you want to do just respect it and do it properly

    • Thanks for MHO!

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  • They want to get it out of the way. I thought school, from Pre-k through college, was easy as hell. I didn't go to several of my classes in college and still managed to get all A's and B's in all of my classes.

    I'll be getting my Master's part time though since I have a full time career now. Honestly, part time only makes sense if you're working or if you have other obligations, but most people don't.

    • I think your grades are most important in University.

      Instead of part-time even full-time, why not do 4 classes but do it properly rather than do 5. I've never quite understood.

      I've had TONNES of peers who are barely passing their classes, what's the point?

      Get As and actually learn something instead of just winging it and getting your dgree

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    • I'm not suffering at all and 3.72 for someone who didn't go to half of their classes is pretty high lol. You sound mad that you're just not good at school.

    • No, I think it's silly of you to not attend classes and justify your not very high GPA by saying you didn't go.

      I used to get one wrong on the whole exam kind of smart. Guess what? I wish I was one of those people who studied for hours and hours...

      Whatever it's not worth getting into

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  • That's exactly what I did at the beginning of my studies. Contrary to America (I can say this because I've spent a year at an American high school), Swiss high schools are extremely tough. This has to do with the fact that going to university is not the normal thing in Switzerland. Only the best students can get there. The Swiss education system is structured in a way that you have a lot of other good options.
    Anyway, because high school was so tough, I was pretty fed up with school for some time.
    Also, when I was in my second year of university, I happened to meet my big love. I had not been very successful with girls before that and with this girl, EVERYTHING was perfect (we're still together). I didn't want to fuck things up. So I decided that school has to wait. Throughout high school, I had always been the nerdy, good kid who always did all his homework on time and got A+'s and so on... it was time to have some fun. So during that year, I practically didn't take any classes whatsoever. My girlfriend and me would maybe spend 3-4 hours per week at Uni and another 5-6 for papers at home. Most of the time, we would just sleep in, have tons of sex, go for walks, eat out together... live life to the fullest. Things were just perfect this way and it ended up being a great decision. For people in other countries, this might not work because university still costs a lot but in my country, university is almost free, so that wasn't a big issue. And while it did take me longer than other students, I don't regret it. I will start working around the age of 30 and even then, I will still have 35 years left to work. I don't think I'll get too little of work-life. You're only young once as they say.

  • Cos part-time school is even worse. Ever tried dashing between two campuses on the opposite side of the city for classes?
    Now try doing that EVERY DAY for the next 5 years. As a regular occurrence. Honestly unless you have to , sandwich year , co-op , work-placement or whatever programme your university has is probably a better idea.

  • I know!!! My councillor talked me out of it in high school.

  • It's expensive. You basically forego a year of salary at the other end to do so.

    • SO many people I know are either not going to graduate on time, or they're going to take a year off before working etc. School is not an easy thing to do, and even when I was doing really well, I was under so much stress.

      I don't remember ANYTHING from the classes I got an A+ in because although I used my brain a lot to ace that class, I didn't spend hours and hours studying for it.

      If I could do it over, I'd almost rather go 4 courses, which is still full-time, instead of 5, and actually learn properly.

    • Oh, it took me 5 years, on account of changing program twice.

      Given unlimited money, i'd take like 1-2 classes tops, lol. ANyway, most of us -aim- to get through it.

      In my last year or so I was down to part time finishing up what I needed, so I was working like a day or two a week, but my salary jumped a lot (not just from more hours, I mean in terms of what I made an hour probably went up 80%) on graduation.

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  • Some can handle it and want to finish asap

    • In my experience, even the ones who can 'handle it' are stressed as hell. And just because they get good grades doesn't mean they've learned anything, it just means they've crammed for the exams.

      When they're done school, lots of people anyways graduate a year later for various reasons. Or they take a year off. Totally normal.

      Like I said I don't get it. I think lots of students just don't really consider it as a possibility so they just take what everyone else is doing.

  • Don't they charge you more money for part time?

    • No, it's the exact same, the tuition is based per course as opposed to overall.

      Even if not part-time, full-time as well can be 4 courses. Totally do-able.