How to build your self esteem back up?

I was in an accident and destroyed my car. I was without a car for 11 months. In this time period all I did was work and go back home. I started to gain weight and get depressed. Before this I was the life of the party women loved to be around me I was very social. After the single car accident I isolated myself from everyone. People offered to get me out of the house but I declined because if I can't leave when I want then I don't go. During that time I felt like a prisoner in my own home. Now I'm fatter (lol) no longer depressed cause I have a new car and I can get out the house. But my self esteem dropped I'm no longer as confident as I use to be. I'm also not social as I use to be. Everyone think I'm still a people's person I just don't see how. I know of women who like me but I don't make a move cause I just don't see what they would see in me now that I'm fat. I'm working full time and I'm an engineer major full time. I want to get my Grove back? Lol how can I get my self esteem back? How can I gain confidence in myself again. I have no problem taking to women it's just I'm not confident enough to make a move as I once was.


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  • Get out the house more get active workout etc etc


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  • Self esteem is a river with many tributaries.

    • Meaning?

    • If you make one thing the only source of your self esteem (your job, your bank account, your body, your car, whatever) then as soon as something fucks that up, you have no self esteem.

      You should create your sense of self worth from many different sources, so that when one goes tits up, the overall effect on you is negligible.

      Get it?

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