I transferred to a new university. How do I make new friends?

Back at my other school I fit right in. I was in clubs, people me and I had plenty of friends. Now I'm lonely af at my new school. I didn't realize how lonely until I went to an event today and left because I was by myself and everyone had their friend groups. I haven't clicked with anyone in my classes at all and I don't have time to join clubs because I have to work.

Any other options?


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  • Hey congrats on your transfer! I think it's great to go to a new University, as it can provide a lot of different opportunities for you.

    In regards to friends, give it time. Remember you're there for school, and if you are doing well people will automatically want to be friends with you.

    Just give it time. It's perfectly normal to be lonely at a new school. Trust me over time it'll get better :)


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  • Give it some time. Try to continue to meet new friends in your classes. The semester is still pretty new. If you can (and I know it's hard), maybe try to get into at least one club as well if you can fit it in between classes and work.

  • Just be yourself, ask questions of you need to. You'll make friends 😊

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