I need your help to interpret this weird #DREAM for me... pleaseeee :)?

This is about me and a girl... we actually keep locking eyes at school and according to my knowledge of body language she likes me and I too like her...

the dream starts in broad day light and I am in a party... I am having fun and out of the blue there is weird game of pulling ropes (similar to tug of war thingy but not exactly that; more like dancing) and out of random I and this girl are supposed to play this game... we have a fun time we are laughing and making this killer eye contact with joy then the game ends.
The announcement was "the winner is *my name here and his girlfriend *her name" and I stand up out of shock, shouting "we are just friends..."

then poooof dream finished... what do you think this interprets?

its really weird!


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  • Sounds like your brain trying to interpret your crush - You want to ask her how she feels but fear the friendzone - Not weird totally normal to me


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  • When will people get that dreams are not up to interpretation. They're just dreams. That's it.

    • dude, i am not superstitious but I at least know that from scientific POV we get dreams because they are supposed help improve our emotional health... so there must some or the other reasons for researchers to state the above