Is it okay for me to call up this person for an internship position?

So, the thing is... I'm done University.

No experience whatsoever. I NEED an internship.

There was this one I really liked, however I haven't heard back. I sent a follow-up email a long time afterwards... and nothing.

I can technically phone them and ask what happened, but the guy is a big shot (even though he's one year older than me), and I don't want to bug him if the answer is no.


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  • Personally, I am much to much or an introvert to call him up. However, that is just me, and it has nothing to do with what YOU should do.

    Logically what I can say is, "Is calling him going to hurt or help you get the internship?" If you call him and he says "NO" then all that is going to happen is that you feel a little bad about not getting the internship, but you will know and be able to move on. If you call him and he says, "Yes" then great!

    So in the end, the only risk you have is getting your feeling a little bused.

    • Exactly. That's what I was thinking too. I just talked to someone from a phone and I guess my talking got him impressed I come across as intelligent, and he said I should apply (even though initially he wrote me off).

      So with the other internship which is more prestigious... I'm wondering if maybe talking to me in-person might change things?

      The only thing is, I'm really intimidated of the person in charge. Because he's closer to my age and is a really smart guy (graduated with distinction from a good business school) I'm more likely to stutter while talking to him

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    • I could just say hi I applied to this position at the company, I emailed in a couple of days ago but I wasn't sure if my message was received.

      I was actually pretty interested in the internship and was just wondering if candidates are still under consideration for the position?

    • I would just try to expressing to him how much you are interested in the internship. Then I would say whatever you needed to help him see that you would be an asset to the company. For example, I am an engineer at an aerospace company, and if I were applying for a new job, I would say something like:

      "I have looked at [Company Name] for a while now, and I can see how making [product name] would be a very interesting career. I was just calling to see if [position] was still open and to see if I could arrange an interview. I think that my experience at [last job] would fit right in at [Company Name], because I had a lot of [type of] experience at [last job], and this new job fall into that same industry."

      You would have to tailor that to your situation. Just don't call him without knowing what the job is and how you would be a good fit for that position. Nothing can be more annoying when someone call/applies for a job without any knowledge about the company and how they would fit in.

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  • No don't, maybe apply elsewhere

    • The thing is, I just called up someone right now. He seemed reluctant and almost wrote me off. However, a couple of minutes with me over the phone he seemed to change his mind and think.. maybe she's not a bad candidate.

      Sometimes talking to someone in person does that to you. But I don't want to come across as desperate if I call them knowing they haven't responded to my emails