How does social media affect your emotions and life?

What are your real feelings on how social media plays its role in your day to day life, do you let others control your emotions and thoughts on social media, have you ever got so angry at a person on social media and thrown your phone or are you addicted to the point you need to take a selfie daily even your dog has a page? Or are you a person who just doesn't care either way, or thinks we would personally better off without the mass distraction and wishes people would still come over for coffee on sundays to catch up? Curious as to see your take on the role social media plays in your life and how it affects you daily.. even if you post anonymously ;)

  • it controls my life and affects me daily im a social media maniac
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  • I could live with or without it, it still does not have a impact on my day to day life
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  • I take everything seriously and I get emotionally corrupted quickly
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  • I absolutely hate everything that social media stands for and wish it was never created
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  • I like to read discussion groups that tie in with hobbies. It really has no bearing on my life in general. Just entertainment.


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  • I chose B, I deleted my facebook a year ago

    • isn't it wonderful not having the impact of social media over your head, not having to meet anyones expectations of yourself or having to watch anyone be fake.. I deleted mine in may and personally have found to be happier without it... it served absolutely bo purpose in my life that found to affect it positively or negatively.. it was always just kind of just extra bullshit that was just there

    • yes, do what makes you happy. If it is bringing stress on you and it seems like a bunch of people trying to fish for compliments to you then drop it. I don't care to see someone fishing for compliments and getting 1000 likes. If they like me, they call and tell me the update. If they don't, that is their business. I don't care to know if I have to find out of social media.

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  • I like social media and genuinely it doesn't have an impact on my life. I am one of those people who whole-heartedly believes that things can only really affect you as much as you allow them to more often than not.

    Talk shit about my picture, cool, I think I'm cute and your attitude is shit so I'm clearly better than you. Suck it.

    You get what I'm saying?

  • Don't need it

  • Oh, man, meant to vote for B. Whoops.