Can this be considered OCD?

Alright so i noticed that whenever im reading a book, i often (very often) re-read whole paragraphs, just because im scared i missed something. This has gotten to the point where i basically can't read any book, because i constantly read the same paragraph (really strange i know, but i can't help it). So i made some researches, and i found that this is one of the symptoms of OCD, however thats the only one i have (there are many others like the constant need of washing your hands). Can this be considered OCD? Are there other people here that have OCD? How do you cope with it?


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  • Just force yourself to not do it in small dosages and increase it a little more. You'll break the habit and something so small doesn't really need therapy. It's a weird feeling though. I had this thing with the lights and checking to make sure my doors were locked a billion times. Take small steps, you can break it.

    • Ill try, thanks. Doubt it will work though, i literally have this crippling fear of missing something, so i always end up re-reading the same thing. It sucks

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  • after reading your question I have come to the conclusion that you have down syndrome. dont question me on this, it will only make this much worse.


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  • Yea. I would say thats OCD.
    I believe I suffer from OCD as well.
    I can't sleep in a room without a door because paranoia [i literally need sleeping drugs to sleep in a room without a door]
    And if there's is a door it needs to be closed, all the way, i need to hear the door click.
    Like need to hear the door click

    As well as a more obvious form of OCD and needing things in order like pencils jn straight lines or books/dvds in size or alphabetical order...

    The books thing I've shaken. But i still find myself adjusting pens and pencils and the doors thing is still huge but I'm getting better

  • Yes it is. You could try therapy of some sort.

    • So this is fixable?

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    • Lets hope so. Thanks

    • No problem.

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