Would you take a shit internship over no internship?

Just graduate school. No work experience at all.

I'm confused.

I did find an internship but it seems really sketchy. I am wondering whether I should go in for an interview. But I mean between having no internship, I guess this is something, yes?


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  • A bad one is better than none.

    • I'm afraid of it being sketchy. As in... you know the men.

      The thing is though, won't employers not respect the work experience if they don't respect the firm?

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    • Really? I thought you HAVE to have an internship in order to apply for full-time jobs

    • Not really in my day in Ireland probably a bit more now

What Girls Said 1

  • Go in for the interview. The worst case is you get your resume in order and have more interview practice.

    • Yeah I guess. It's just... I don't want all that work to be for nothing.

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