In general, why does it seem like guys are such better people than girls?

It seems that with girls, whether friends or those I'm interested in as more than friends, always seem to take much more than they give in any type of relationship. Whereas guys are bros more often than not, and will help you out much more often if you need it, they take about as much as they give, and possible give even more sometimes. I like hanging out with guys much more for that reason, there's never any drama or bullshit you have to hear about, you can just chill, have a few beers and watch football or whatever you want to do that's fun. Whereas with girls, you always have to hear about their day that's assuredly filled with drama, among other things. I've had fun days with girls before, but it's a rarity. Hanging out with them tends to be a much more emotional chore than a fun time. Not to mention their lack of loyalty. The one time I ever went to a club (big mistake), I actually got a girl's number and she wanted to come back to my apartment. She did, and then got a text from some guy and immediately left, and I never heard from her again. I've had other "dates" where girls blow me off, and have never gotten any help from my girl "friends" to help set me up, or help me make tough decisions. I only trust my guy friends with that stuff from now on, because those are the people who actually care about me.


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  • Because you're a misogynist. That's how... people like you think.

    • I don't think I hate women, guys just tend to be nicer.

    • Since college I've just had a bad series of interactions with women that have jaded my views toward women. It's not so much that I hate women, I like women and want them in my life, it is just I don't enjoy the continual bad interactions I've experienced and know that I will continue to experience.

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  • because girls are heartless

    • You're married though, so you must've found an exception haha

    • yes but I've had my fair share of shitty girls in the past

    • Fair enough. I hope I can find my exception eventually, but am not going to bet on it

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  • No, anyone our age is a total moron.

  • If you can't win by skill, then cheat. Girls use the tools they have, they don't need to play by our rules or limitations.

  • what if I hate guys and girls equally :(

  • Girls in general are pretty screwed up. However, guys are not innocent themselves, it is just that jerks stop having friends as they grow older because as an adult, you get to choose your company.