Is it realistic to want to do more education after your undergrad?

I feel as though...

I don't know. I feel as though I stopped being book smart somewhere along the way in my undergrad. I know, I know, everyone is telling me you don't 'need' most of what you learn at school, which is fair.

But I feel particularly behind. Like I barely passed some of my courses.


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  • Never stop learning. Go for that next degree or take free online courses, just keep pushing forward.


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  • It may not be that you're not book smart, but that you're lacking in motivation. It's hard to study things and concentrate on a bunch of filler classes you aren't passionate about and that yes, you probably will never use once you hand in your final paper.

    Try to keep exploring, even if it's outside of the bounds of school, things that you enjoy, wand to know more about, things that would make you want to study. It's quite different when you love what you're doing as opposed just sitting there and having knowledge thrown at you.

    • It was all the math courses I barely passed and they were pretty important.

      I just felt so lost