How do you know if you have feelings for someone or not?

All my friends and my family believe that I like my best friend. They all think that because we are always together, we do everything together, I always miss him when he is not around, we text like almost everyday. I mean why wouldn't we are best friends and we are in the same clubs and classes. And my friends say that I talk about him to much. I don't know if i do or I don't. I asked him to winter formal and he said yes. I feel safe when I am with him and I can be myself around him. My friendship with him is so different than with my other guy friends. He defends me, I worry about him a lot.


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  • Is your relationship with him different to your other friends? Do you find him attractive? Do you want to spend more time with him than your other friends (and not just because you feel like you have more fun when you're with him)
    If you feel that way then you probably have feelings for him

    • My friendship with him is very different than any other I have with any of my best friends or friends. I don't know if I do find him attractive or not. I am not always with him because he has meetings or I have meeting during breaks and after school. He is a great guy but I don't know about being in an actual relationship with him will work. We text like all the time but most of the time its school stuff and also personal things. He does sometimes flirt with my best friend he will hug her and once she did say maybe she had feelings for him but it was only because he paid attention to her. He comes to my table like everyday just to see how I am and if I am okay.

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  • You're basically in a relationship with him, but it's without the title, and all the things that come with the title (kissing, sex, etc.). But you do have feelings for him if u worry about him, bc that means u care about him. You just need to figure out if u like really love this guy, in more than just a best friend type of way.

    • That is what my friend said you are like together but not officially in a relationship. It hard to find out whether I do or don't like him.

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    • Sorry your opinion is the most helpful. I push the wrong person. Sorry you are a big help to me.

    • it's no problem lol and you're welcome

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