Why do you think that dinosaurs first evolved wings?

I would go with brooding their babies.

From hat we can tell, the dinosaurs that evolved into birds had "flight feathers" and larger forelimbs than other dinosaurs, even though at first they didn't have more muscles around the forearm than other therapod dinosaurs, meaning that it's unlikely that they used them for locomotion. But we found this fossil of an Oviraptor
Why do you think that dinosaurs first evolved wings?
From notches on it's forearm we know it had flight feathers and sitting on the eggs in the position it was fossilized in, the flight feathers would be over the egg implying that they were using them for brooding before flying. Also
-Like how newborn mammals can't digest solid food and have to rely on their mothers milk for food, newly hatched birds can't thermoregulate on their own and are dependant on the warmth from their parent.
-While Nursing releases Oxytocin and endorphins in mammals brooding their young releases Mesotocin (a bird bonding hormone) and dopamine in birds.

  • Gliding
  • Rudders while running
  • give them a boost while running
  • Brooding their babies
  • Other
  • Unsure
  • I don't believe birds evolved from dinosaurs
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  • to keep themselves from becoming too cold. when these asteroids hit the earth ash clouds kept the sun from reaching the earth and it was very cold, so their scales peeled off and became fluffy over time which caused many species to select partners with the most fluff, eventually the males came to dance around with them for a chance at mating. they later developed into full feathers. eventually they jumped off cliffs and flew away. nowadays almost all birds can fly.

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