How can I not think about people who clearly do not respect me?

I went to school with all these 'smart' people, yeah I'd be considered a good student before I took time off from school but even then I was nowhere near as good as these people.

The boys especially I think might have been attracted to me but they're not dumb. They know there are other girls who are BOTH smart and attractive and I'm sure they'd prefer them over me.

So it intimidates me when I see all these people become bankers and what not, I don't know how to stop it affecting me.

I feel as though I'm not that great in comparison to them


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  • Well first off you have to start respecting yourself. Only hang out with poeple you enjoy being with. Also stop comparing yourself to others. They have different talents than you do. Focus on your talents and practice them.

    Your skills are different than Thiers focus on your skills. What your doing now is kind of like me comparing my fitness to my marine friend. I will never be as fit as him. However he could never hope to have my artistic talents.

    You will find your own path don't worry about it. They have their paths and they are on them.


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  • Just ignore it

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