Don't you hate when this happens?

You find an interesting question, read the details, and spend several minutes typing a thorough response. Upon submitting your answer, you're directed to the main page of the topic it is in and it tells you the question has been removed. Don't you hate this? Instead of wasting my time, can I get a warning pop up as I'm typing a response? Just a quick message saying the question has been deleted?

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  • No, i have never experienced that. I've answered questions that ended up being removed by mods when I clicked Send it! though..

    • That's the same thing.

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    • It wasn't even a troll question. Someone took offense to it, and ZAP, goodbye question.

    • Listen, I'm with ya on your complaint. I was explaining the difference between when I joined and a few months ago.. It really makes no sense, I have a question that's still up where I mention the content manager in a bad light, yet I asked a question about someone that blocked me and it was removed..

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  • Same for when someone has me blocked and I didn't know. Those are the times I write opinions the size of a story but can't post it.


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  • Never happened to me actually

  • Yes. Also sometimes the asker has blocked me.


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