Did my mother get jealous? Or was he not responsive?

I left my book (as a gift) for a cousin of mine. He's like 17 or 18. My mother said she'd give it to him.

Today I asked her about it. She said, 'yeah I gave it.' Then immediately changed the topic. I was confused, like why didn't she say 'yeah he was happy' or something.

So I approached the topic again, and she was like. 'yeah he was happy, the next time he saw me he said he even started reading it.' Then again abrupt change of topic. I said I shouldn't be nice to people and give my things when they don't appreciate it, she said yeah true, then changed the topic.

I can think of either two things: either he really didn't care, or he was actually pretty appreciative and it pissed my mom off because in her eyes he is 'better' than me.

I'd really like to know. It bothers me :(


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  • It's a possibility

  • Why do you think she is jealous?