What should I do after I kissed her for our first time while we were both drunk?

Hi, as you can can probably tell, I kissed a girl for the first time while we were drunk. The thing is, I don't know her very well. In fact, I had met her two days prior to this happening. I was spending the night over my friend's house and he invited her over and I was excited to see her again. A couple of hours (and shots) later, we were sitting on my friends bed holding hands and I asked her to sit up and we both just kissed after she did. It wasn't a sloppy or sensual kiss, more of a 2-3 second peck to be honest. I had been complimenting her all night on how cute she was and she responded in kind. The next morning, I was nervous to say the least considering the situation. However, my friend had recorded us kissing and sent it to her and we all watched it and laughed. She said it was cute and until she left we just kind of sat there glancing at each other, her on the couch, me in a chair next to it. I know it seems kinda fast, but could this become anything, or do you think she was just being friendly and went too far after drinking?

Also, I forgot to mention this, I met her on Thursday and we kissed Saturday but we had no contact between those days so...
Just got an update from my friend, it was just the alcohol. She doesn't actually have any romantic feelings for me, not that I honestly expected her to based on out very short time knowing each other.


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  • I would have said 'lets do a retake now that we are sober!'
    But what do I know, that is just my opinion

    • I might've gotten up the courage to, but she had to leave pretty quickly for work.

    • Doesn't mean you won't have another opportunity

  • Get her number and tell her you had a great time and would love to see her again!

    • I'll try that! Although, I don't want to seem clingy since we don't know each other all that well.

  • Give her some rough hard nasty sex.