Was my mom jealous that my cousin valued my gift?

I left of a book of mine as a gift to my cousin (17 year old cousin).

I asked if she gave it to him days later, and she said, 'yeah I gave it.' Then abruptly changed the topic. Confused, I broached it again and she said, 'yeah he was happy, the next time he saw me he started reading it.' Then again abrupt change of topic.

I said I shouldn't be nice to people and give stuff to those who don't appreciate it, and she said yeah true, then changed the topic again.

Probably was?
Was she


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  • Huh?

    • Like why didn't she just tell me about it, I think he liked it and she got jealous that he liked it so she didn't tell me

    • Maybe she just didn't realize it was so important to you? Do you have other reason to believe she's jealous?

    • Yes. She is generally speaking like that.

  • yeah

  • What makes you think that/