Would you date someone who is invisible due to a genetic disorder?

You can never see them unless you cover them with paint

  • Definite turn on
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  • Nah dood
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  • Is that a disease or am I doctor
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  • Does paint poisonous
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  • But how do I get it in
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  • Personality is all that matters
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  • Is she blonde
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I can already see the picture of the interview with a third class news agency before they take me to the mental institution: "We've known each other for 7 months & I love him so much! At first I didn't know he had been living in my room for months, stalking me whenever I changed & I took showers and I was really shocked once I found out but over time I became very attached to him." *holds hands with air*

    • Would u or would u not rob jewelry stores

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    • El bastardos! I knew u couldn't trust him!

    • Yes, beware! 😪

Most Helpful Guy

  • OMG that would be great, we'd be the modern day Bonnie and Clyde, I'd be the brains and she'd be the bronze since no one would be able to see her.


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