How do you admit you messed up?

Originally this post was passive aggressive. For once I reviewed it before posting and decided against it.

On this site I enjoy conversing with people. But oftentimes ill say something stupid. And after going back and reading through it i realize the errors. Then I just have to hope the other person does not see them. Sometimes they do and sometimes they do not.

As a perfectionist by nature I specifically try to avoid rewrites. Sometimes that gets me into trouble.

If I say something and it is unclear in its meaning and i clarify it i am accused of backpeddling. If I dont I am fighting for something I know is incorrect.

Recently I was conversing with someone and i got so stressed thay I finally just said I was unintelligent to throw them off guard and halt the convo.

I hate getting into this situation but i not infrequently find myself in it. The other person has good coherent arguments and mine are complete shit.


Makes it sound like i had a panic attack. I did not get stressed but i was exhausted and wanted to end it.

And i just realized i specifically added the name. So that makes people think that was not my intention. argggh.
And in hindsight that made no sense. And now i dont know whether i should try to make it make sense or just update and be done with it


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  • If I get called out on being wrong, I thank the person an absolutely admit that I was wrong. If it's an opinion that I have and someone says something that changes my perspective, I also admit it. I don't feel that I can grow as a person without admitting I'm wrong or flawed.

    • @Ntnrmlchck in an ideal world I do that too, but not always. This is such a weird question, but thank you for your response

    • No problem, I tend to fault myself more than necessary, so I'm used to eating crow.

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  • It is okay we all get in a tangle at times - It takes a big man to say they were wrong and apologise - On the other hand if you feel an argument going down a blind alley, say "Let's just leave it there, agree to disagree"


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  • I think it works well for you. Sometimes, you really do just have to own up to your mistakes, even unintentional ones.


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  • Just be straightforward admit you made a mistake and make up for it.

    • Plus if you do it friendly enough and respectfully it can make you seem humble and kind and then you can ask how and why your. Idea was wrong and where the loop hole was. Who knows where it goes from there.

  • And I thought that I overthink things. Dude, just be chill. Don't think about that stuff.

    • I am a detail oriented person. Big picture thinking is not my strong suit

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    • That is a really good tip actually. Dont know why but that comment made me feel better. Made a lot of sense. I've got to add some of that spontaneous planning to my life. Thanks man.

    • Best of luck, dude.

  • Just admit it. Use that in your favor, showing that you are an honest person and admit your mistakes.

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