Does my photography project look ok?

My teacher told us to go out and take one picture that describes how the most important person in our lives makes us feel. I picked my boyfriend because he's literally saved my life and I don't have family so.
Does my photography project look ok?Mine was based off the fact I don't believe in heaven or miracles. But meeting my boyfriend and falling for him is the closest to a miracle I'll ever experience so the picture made me thibk of heaven. It looks like the clouds are parting for that beam of light and it looks very much like an angel is smiling down on me. And that's a miracle like my boyfriend makes me feel


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  • That's a cool pic of the sky, but it's a shame you couldn't get the shot without those power lines.

    • Ik it kept making me mad everytime I got away from the power line the beam disappeared or got dull :(

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    • Thank you

    • Thank you for MH Guy opinion!

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  • I think the meaning behind it is nice.
    If I could do anything different, I would have gone to an open area with no telephone lines cutting through the main part of the photo.

    • Lol I tried but when I did the light beam thingy went away or got suoer dull :(

    • yeah i get it!

    • Yeah I wanted the beam to be super bright and pretty because it just looked so beautiful and I wanted to hopefully get the point I was making. Because it really does look like if heaven exist what I think it'd be like

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  • The phone lines, the cars take away from the picture. Plus you don't wanna focus the sun in the center (rule of thirds). I like the idea but the picture isn't the best.

    • I have a different one that has less of the sun and phone wires

    • No the sun is good. It's the phone wires that are bad. Plus you wanna do a landscape picture because you have so much dead space in the picture (the sky).

    • Ah then yeah I think I have one that might look good then. I took like 12 ones from different angels and stuff

  • It's eh
    I don't see much in it

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