Is this a rejection from an employer?

There is this 'online assessment' needed for this company. I had taken (and passed it) a year and a half ago. However, it seemed that they wanted me to re-take it because the results weren't there in the system.

I emailed them yesterday regarding whether I should take the test, even though the deadline was yesterday. I ended up taking it anyways, and was expecting to hear from them today.

This guy, who I dealt with last time, did not bother replying to me today, and he's usually quick with emails. I took it as he doesn't really care about me as an applicant.

I'm confused having never worked before so I'd like to know.


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  • unless it's your dream job keep at it. If it's not move forth.

    • It is. I really liked the company, but the thing is it is VERY competitive. So it's not like they're dying for applicants, they have 100s if not 1000s of those

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    • Yes I do. Several people actually. However, I don't want to bother them because they are all you know, very serious people.

      If I truly contact them, unless I am 200% sure I am taking a job should an offer come, it will look very bad if I approach them since their time is so valuable.

    • You have a good point but reaching out to someone can point you in the right direction of who to contact other than that guy you've spoken to. Keep following up be determined and do all you can to get your dream job. If that doesn't work time for plan b a differ CO.

  • It doesn't look good. When you look for a job, don't put your hopes in a single opportunity before moving on to the next. Put your eggs in 100 baskets. It's VERY typical for a hiring manager to not respond to applicants after filling a position. Also, you missed a deadline. Sometimes an employer won't even look at you if you do that.

    Good luck in your job search!

    • No I didn't miss a deadline. I took the test, and the deadline to apply was yesterday.

      Should I follow up with him saying I took the new test?

      I really like this company but there always seems to be an issue with the IQ tests.

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    • Do you think it's a deal-breaker that there always seems to be a problem with IQ tests for this firm

    • I have no way to know.

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