What are some signs a guy is attracted to a girl? Of that he likes you?

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  • He will want to know about your day not just talk about himself.
    He will be interested in what you like and do not like.
    When you talk to him, he's actually listening to you and not looking at the attractive female at the next table.
    He remembers your special days such as your birthday, when the two of you just met, or the first time you might have shared a kiss. These days will be important to him too and not just to you.
    He will buy you gifts that actually mean something to you, not just something expensive, because he's trying to show off to you, but gifts that relate to you on a personal level. Could be an item you pointed out in a store that you wish you had and he then went back in private to purchase it for you.
    When you make a suggestion he takes you seriously and doesn't pat you on the head and make you feel like a child. Your opinions matter to him and he gives them as much weight as he would his own.
    He attempts to get to know your family and wants to take part in family events even if they don't always approve of him being with you. Realistically, what father likes seeing their daughter dating someone they could be having sex with.
    He's not in a rush to get into your pants. He doesn't overtly get sexual with you right out of the gate and is not pestering you constantly to send him nude or suggestive photos of yourself to his phone by text or email.
    When you sit together he leans in close to you and periodically touches you to show he's paying attention, and when he is looking at you, he keeps your face in the view and not your sexual parts.
    He trust you to drive his truck, car... whatever the case may be. He trust you on a personal level, not just someone he keeps at arms length.
    He's willing to share his emotions with you----trust me. Males don't just do that with anyone, but especially not with individuals they don't like.

    Okay so that's a few things I could think of that might give you a clue a guy likes you.

  • when a girl kisses a guy. that's a sign she's attracted

  • Strip and bend over in front of him, if he fucks you he likes you, if he doesn't he doesn't... and if he fucks you're ass that just means he likes you and he's kinky ;)


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