Help with dealing with kids?

My boyfriends nephews are coming to town and we are going to spend a whole weekend with them and I'm awful with kids.
What do I do? Really scared.
They are two boys, one is 6 the other is 4


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  • Get a couple Disney movies for them to watch.
    Print out some coloring pages from the internet that are themed after the Disney movies you picked.
    Don't give them stuff with sugar because kids that young have too much energy already.
    If you have a small or medium size dog, get a couple tennis balls for the kids to play with the dogs in a fenced in yard.
    Don't expect them to share whatever there is for them to play with.

  • I don'tike kids at all. But I deal with my sisters children.

    Do the best you can to and for them is all you can do. Always be thinking would this be acceptable. Should they be doing that. What should I/should not say to them.

    Good luck.


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