How do I get more flowy, healthy hair like the guy in the Safety Dance video?

My hair is passed shoulder length, at least the longest hairs are. Like everything is different lengths (Btw, I've been growing it out since like 2 years ago so it's still in the stage of me just growing it to the right length) ( And the different lengths may have something to do with my shitty hair-do, but maybe not) and extremely dry. Like I just keep it in a pony tail because it just looks like shit.

My hair is just so fucking frizzy, I don't understand it. When I was really young I had super nice big curls and my hair was gorgeous and then... boom, frizziness, tight curls, just a shit storm came through. The bottom of my hair gets superrrr curly for some reason and the rest like completely straight when I've never had straight hair? Normally my hair (shown being a bit shorter than shoulder length in the picture below) is like to my nips if I pull it straight so they're definitely long and have some weight that should be regulating that shit ya know?

Here's the video, best example is around 1:05

The picture I'm posting is of me playing guitar, but those are the only kinds I got so please don't think of me as a show off.
How do I get more flowy, healthy hair like the guy in the Safety Dance video?
Damn this image is huge, and the quality is shit too, but it'll have to do...

Please, any suggestions? My hair is almost like dreads lol, they kinda of clump in different sections, but that's just cause it's super thick and it gets tangled easily... fuckkk


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  • I'll recommend coconut oil:D I use it and it's helping to tame my hair now that I don't use chemicals on it. You are gorgeous btw♡

    • : ') thank you haha. I remember having bought some random coconut oil cream curl cream maybe a year or so ago and it did bring some better results but I had to really glob it on and it'd get kinda hard when I'd do that from just drying in place like that. Do you recommend a specific brand? cause like I'm a guy and I have no knowledge whatsoever in anything just looks anything haha, just tattered clothes. Except that white shirt, pretty nice when i see it now, i should find it...

    • I use coconut oil from the cooking section of the store. There are a lot of different oils too which also strengthen and promote growth. I google that advice on YouTube. You'll have that awesome rocker hair in no time☆

  • There are tablets you can take. But it makes all hair grow haha


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