Is the other black guy cooler than me?

So im in year 10 and in my school there are not many black people in it. currently there are only 5 black people from year 7 to year 10. in my grade here are four black people. specifically me and this other black guy (we will call him dequan) are the mostly known black guys in the grade. dequan and me are good mates and we both came to the school the same year and i think of dequan as a brother but i feel like at school people like him a lot more than me.

he is from england so his accent is so cool and he is into so many cool things things. i was born in australia so i have an average accent. when i came to the school i had a lot of friends but after a while no one really hung with me after people sort of stopped hanging with me, i still have lots of friends of course. But people started to hang out with dequan and the all love him girls love hhis accent and boys love his toughness. Out of all this i just wanted to ask what do i do.

im just so sick of hearing boys and girls call his name but i love him like a brother.


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  • Is your dick bigger?

  • No he is not


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