Parents, if you found out your son attempted suicide because of something you did to them, could you ever live with yourself?

My mom cried more hysterically than she ever did when I told her about what happened. She cried even more than when I disowned her.

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  • Suicide it a choice. It would b the child's. Wouldn't b happy about it at all, and I would blame myself for not raising them to be stronger.


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  • I think it depends on what they think I did that turned them to do that.

    • She sent me to a mental hospital when I was younger and it made me afraid to seek help when I had a bout of depression years later.

    • In that case no. If I thought it was the best thing for your health and safety then I wouldn't blame myself for what you did. I would be disappointed if you didn't confide in me about how you felt about the mental hospital. So I could have apologized but said I thought I was doing the right thing. Parents aren't perfect but most of us try to do what's best for our children.

    • Well I did confide before she sent me there and when I refused she called the police and have them take me there in handcuffs and all it ended up doing was make my depression worse and leave me with a severe case of PTSD. I disowned her for it and when I reestablished contact with her she admitted to lying to get me admitted.

  • Depends of course there would be guilt but is there any chance to make amends

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