Is he purposely not replying to my phone call?

I had applied for this position in August. Didn't hear back. Left another email a week or two ago. Nothing. I called the guy in charge some time ago, he didn't pick up.

I called him again today, he didn't pick up (it was extension-based). So I finally emailed him a last time... if he doesn't reply I get it.

I actually wonder if he can see my number through caller ID or something and hence he's not picking up

I mean... is that something people do? I almost think it's childish to not pick up a call


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  • Seems very unprofessional

    • On his end or mine?

      Yeah I think so too. I mean, how hard is it to say sorry we're done hiring.

      It almost seems as though I was so not into consideration for the posting that he thinks it's absurd I'm calling/emailing in the first place.

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    • Hey can I ask you something, would it be okay if I messaged you?

    • Yeah sure I can

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  • ... I had applied for this position in August...
    It appears from where I am Sitting here, dear, this Guy with no Try, is Purposely Putting you on a Bad Back Burner, most likely Burning you up when he Don't... Respond or Pick up.
    He knows it's You and What I can Say, Begin a new Beguine ofLlooking for another 'Position' Today.
    Good luck, and Sorry for your Loss... Some Boss are like this, Rude and crude. xx

    • Thanks for the Vote of Confidence and wow, a WHOLE month ago though.. where does time go? xx

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  • It could be

  • Yeah he is not

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